Tuesday, 15 March 2016

25mm CSA and USA Dismounted Cavalry Painted

25mm CSA and USA Dismounted Cavalry Painted
Most are Hinchliffe and some RAFM in there as well

Friday, 11 March 2016

25mm ACW Command

25mm ACW Command
Went back in to my unpainted figures and got some old RAFM figures to paint up .
Having used oil paint on the horses left them to dry at the back of the painting shelf for some time .

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

20mm WWII French defence of there boarder from an Italian advance 1940

20mm French defence of there boarder from an Italian advance 1940
French Commander Me
French have a few pillbox's and  4 gun in placements  for the 75mm
Tanks in support 3 Renaults Ft  as this was a bit of a back water no other types of tanks on the French side . At the end of the game 3 Panhard 178 Armoured cars entered the table .
1 Company of French Infantry( some Airfix figures ) with 25mmA/T guns .
Italian Commander Mike
Italians 1 Company of Black shirts and 2 Company's of Infantry and lost of tanks .
After 6 1/2 hour game I had lost my bunkers but most of the Infantry are still in good condition one Renault is KO and 2 A/T guns are lost all the 75mm guns are ok but will be flanked on my right by Tanks and Infantry . Time to pull back did not think I could hold on so long good game .